Christmas Snippets

Since I'm so pathetically behind on getting my pictures out here, I'll just give you a couple snippets of how we celebrate Christmas.

We focus intently on decorating the perfect cookie
And then we focus a little more intently on eating them with style
 We wear super cute reindeer aprons Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jim, and Lauren got for us
 And we happen to make the aprons look super extra cute
 We make masterpieces
 Grandpa's glasses make things look blurry (or maybe that's just mommy not focusing her camera right!)
 And extra sweet giving Grandma some love
 Super cool shark helmets keep us safe on our bikes
 We laugh like there's no tomorrow
We are completely baffled as to how our Elf, Flash, was able to sneak Handy Manny and George from our beds so he could hang with them in this rocking chair! 

We decide it must just be another one of those magic miracles of Christmas… why would we ever question that?!
 We jump for joy about super cool awesome presents… like Stompeez!
 We can't get enough of Old Saint Nick

 We love being silly in rainbow afros from Madagascar
We go freaking crazy on Christmas morning!!
  We've been waiting for this moment for 365 days!!! It's finally here!!!
  We dream big, we show love, we celebrate, we eat, we give, we hug, we pray, we give thanks, and we believe… oh how we believe.


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