Belated Birthday

Well, my littlest buddy turned 5 not too long ago… well, sort of long ago… 2 months ago. But I already explained that one. 
So, just take a moment and look at him! Look at this peanut! Doesn't he look extra sophisticated now that he is 5! He waited and waited and waited for this day to come. I can't tell you how many times he has said "Sam, are you so happy that I'm 5 now?" "Sam, are you so happy that I'm getting bigger now?" "Sam, are you so glad that I'm growing up?"
 Charlie kind of had his heart set on having a laser tag party ~ unfortunately, I had to talk him out of it because many of his friends wouldn't be old enough to play… and it would have just been messy. So, we decided to do a redo of our successful party from last year - We went to Big Gym (also known by Knoxvillians as Tatarus). 
From what I could see from behind my lens, everyone had a ball.
Charlie and his curly headed twin, Bennett.
  So excited Yuke got to come to the party… Yuke lives THIRTY minutes away now :(  No more yelling for each other from off the back deck (whaaaaaah!)
This handsome little guy is Jack ~ the son of Richie's lifelong friend, Ted.
 Sam's friend, Eric
 This is Yuke's sweet mama and precious baby brother, Rhett.
 Sam and Gracen having fun in the foam pit ~ precious.

 Sweet friends from school
 These two are killin' ME! This is Lisa Forester. She and Sam ADORE each other…. to the point that I kind of have to keep an extra close eye on them … cuz they get a little too lovey sometimes. Craziness!

 Scooby Doo cake for my big boy this year!
 Make a wish sweet boy!

 This last picture is from the birthday celebration we had with Richie's family. Couldn't let this fabulous photo go to waste!
 Happy 5th Birthday (and two months) sweet Charlie. It is an absolute privilege to watch that personality and laughter grow and develop every single day. I look forward all that you will become. I love you ~


  1. Please tell Charlie that I am so happy that he is 5 and 2/12, happy that he is getting bigger, and happy that he is growing up . . . but not really :/ They grow up WAY to fast for this mama's heart!


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