Holy Moly December is a crazy month! Each year it seems to get crazier and crazier, even though I think I'm getting better at planning ahead… it never seems to pay off. 

So how about some reprieve from all the madness?

Well, that's what Mr. Agrestic and I voted for during Thanksgiving break. So we packed up the little Agrestics and headed south! We went to Orange Beach, Alabama. Richie refuses to admit that we vacationed in Alabama (understandably so) … so we have opted for the term "Suburb of Florida". That's where we went for our Escape from reality. And it was just what the doctor ordered.

 I think the whole crew (including me) was quite relieved that mama wasn't in much of a photography mood while we were there. I was much more focused on sneaking in some rest and relaxation on the white sandy beach.
However,  I couldn't endure an entire vacation without pictures… I must have something to take home with me… something more than my aging brain of memories. 
 So I spent about one hour of our entire trip capturing a little Hatcher boy love… 
 And they played along beautifully!

 And then they just played...
 …and played
 …and played.

 They jumped over waves.

 Then they dug a gigantic pond which was fed by the ocean.

It was a happy escape indeed...
 I'm thinking we may have found ourselves a new Thanksgiving tradition!


  1. I know I'm WAY late commenting on this post - but I do like your possible new Thanksgiving plan. Looks like a lot more fun than the two days I spent cooking for a meal that lasted twenty minutes max!


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