Mazes and Pumpkins and Hay Rides, Oh My!

After Sam and I came home from his field trip talking about how much fun we had, Richie and Charlie wanted to have a go at it too. So we went back to Maple Lane Farms to enjoy another day.

 The boys were on the hunt for the Great Pumpkin!

We had to stop to get a snapshot of how much we've grown over the years. Look at my little Chuckles compared to the first time we visited this pumpkin patch. He was 10 months old in the picture on the left ~ almost 5 in the one on the right. (Obviously the one on the left was taken just before we took him to get his perm and blonde highlights!)

And here's Sam at age 2 on the left and 6 on the right.
 Amazing what happens to these little creatures over the years.

Here, they were running in and out of the corn maze… to do it again and again and again!

 It's always easy breezy getting the "silly face" shots!
 The good smiles are a little more challenging!
 This is Charlie's staple smile … when forced to do it for my camera :/

Now, onward to Halloween!


  1. The silly face shot of Charlie is totally cracking me up! Looks like an amazing Fall family fun day :)


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