Kindergarten Career Day

In place of the typical superhero costumes, Rocky Hill observes Halloween by having a Career Day for the Kindergarteners. Leading up to this event, they have a couple assignments and several discussions about the careers around them. In one of those assignments, Sam had to fill out an activity page describing what his mommy and daddy do, and also what he wants to do. 

He did a great job describing Richie's job ~ "helps take care of sick people" … He was very clear on his own "I want to be a spy" … He needed a little (a lot) of help with mine. When I asked "What do you think mommy's job is?" "Umm… pay for the house? … pay bills? … clean the house?"  Strike Three! Let me help you with this one son.
Anyway… we went with the James Bond kinda spy look, and it was quite a hit! The parents were all invited to attend the Career Day Parade, as the kids walked in and out of all the classrooms to show off their schtuff! 
 I love how the magnifying glass blows up his glasses in this picture :)
 This is sweet Bella looking very studious in her teacher attire.
 So, be on the lookout for any spy positions open. I've got a smart little man who is very committed to his future career! Thankfully, we've got a head start on the wardrobe.


  1. At this age, I wanted to be an elevator operator. I guess it's a good thing I didn't go down that path . . . seeing Sam's outfit makes me want to start singing the chorus of "Secret Agent Man" :) A very handsome spy he will make! Hatcher. Sam Hatcher.


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