Halloween at Home

By the time our evening Halloween festivities began, I had been back and forth between Sam and Charlie's schools six or seven times (no joke), and had been doing the Halloween thing for 8 straight hours… Whew… one more event to go and we can call it a day!

More mummy wraps before heading outside!

 Sam was very good at being super silly still ...

 Sam wanted to wear a scary costume this year… he was looking at the Scream mask and a bloody knife. Ummm… not a chance a buddy.
So we compromised, and settled on a vampire.

 These sweet baby blues could never be too scary, right?
 I love how the creepy Shaggy beard lays overtop the vampire cape.
 Of course Richie joined in the fun and rocked it out as this fabulous character. This is Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker (one of Chris Farley SNL characters). That's my boy!
I think Sam and Charlie were just happy that they got to use the word "fat" for the evening. The word doesn't bother me so much when I know they are talking about a pillow stuffed shirt...
 Lisa was very excited to see that she and Sam were both dressed as vampires. They were adorable together.

 Mr. Blue Eyes Jack Forrester never disappoints the camera.
 Shaggy and Izzy spent the evening chasing each other through the grass.
 Adorable. Those sweet dimples are to die for!

It was a very spooky, fun-filled day… and I'm StiLL exhausted from it. Time to rest up for next year!


  1. Your hubby comes up with the most awesome costumes! Looks like you all had a blast :)


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