Fab 5's Halloween Party

So this was my first time ever being the lead on a classroom holiday party. Thankfully, I've got an amazing friend who has many great ideas, and several classroom moms helping me out! I felt like the party was a success! 
This is my sweet Shaggy who has waited and waited and waited for me to spend some time in his classroom. He was a happy little camper.

Rachel dressed up as Spider Girl
 Madeline went for the costume collage… I don't remember all the details, but it was something like tinkerbell, cinderella, and a unicorn.
 Sweet Cate as Izzy the pirate
 A little more Shaggy love
  Adorable spider cupcakes Cate's mommy made
 Then we moved on to the mummy wrap… Here is Emma
 My favorite little mummy, Charlie
 Charlie begged me to dress up… this was about as far as I could go… but I did have a tail with it!
 Emma and Rachel being sweet girls 
A fun group picture
Good times with these sweet Fab 5's


  1. Your Shaggy man is so cute! He looks just like my boys at the end of No Shave November. I can't wait until you get to experience this annual hairy event :)

  2. I hope when No Shave November comes around, he doesn't have a creepy, stringy blonde thing hanging off his face :)


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