Playing in the Ocean

Oh what fun two little boys can have swimming, digging, paddling, and diving in the ocean. They were enamored by scraping back the sand, exposing tiny clams and watching them dig their way back under when the water would wash over them. Completely enamored.
It was very clear after our first day on the beach that we needed some boogie boards for the boys. They definitely paid off. Sam and Charlie spent hours paddling out, riding over the waves, and finding their way back to shore.

 Sometimes it's even fun just to see if you can beat the waves back to shore.

This next series of pictures are probably my most favorite from the whole trip. I smile really big on the inside seeing my little buddies have a blast together. One of life's special gifts.

 That is some intensity right there!

I could relive this 5 minutes of my life every single day and never get tired of it. 


  1. Nothing better than watching brothers enjoy each other :)


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