To Set the Stage

The whole reason that our Rosemary Beach vacation even happened is because of Christy. Christy is my cousin, my friend, and in many ways my childhood hero. We lost touch for a couple of years and recently reconnected. She offered many times over for me to take my family to her beach house in Rosemary, Florida. I finally took her up on it, knowing that a beach vacation was just what this girl needed!
We left on a Saturday evening, and arrived at 2am. I didn't know until we arrived that we would be spending the week in the space where Restoration Hardware meets Heaven. Well, we did. And we had it all to ourselves.
Her home is spectacular. I know it is painfully tacky to post pictures of someone else's home all over my blog - but there are so many gorgeous items in and around this house, I can't help but share them with you. I won't go into any detail on the various shots, but still wanted you to give you a small dose of her exquisite taste for design.

Before I take you inside, I would be remiss to take you all this way and not tell you what happened to me within 2 minutes of arriving at Restoration Heaven. 
So, as I said before, we got there at 2am. The kids were sleeping, but quickly re-energized the minute we pulled in. Between their excitement and my awe of what was to be our "home" for the next 7 days, the energy was a flowin'. So Sam and I went into the house, walked up the stairs onto the second level, and stepped outside onto the balcony that wraps almost 3 sides of the house… giggling like little girls the whole time. We came upon a wicker, egg-shaped swing with cushions in it hanging on the balcony. Knowing this would be a big hit with my boys, I said "Hey Sam, look you can sit in here!" As soon as I sat down "BOOM!" The entire swing dropped to the ground, and the enormously thick chain that hangs it from 15 feet up dropped straight onto my head. Enormously thick, I say. Ouch! This quickly ended the excitement. We walked into the house, me holding my head and walking toward the bathroom to see the damage. Before I got to the bathroom I looked down at my hand … blood all over it from where I was touching my head. I could feel the warm wetness oozing from my head… nice. Then I saw Richie come around the corner carrying a suitcase unloading the car like a responsible traveler, dumbfounded as to what has happened in last 2 minutes. We had literally just walked in the house and have already broken something of theirs and busted my head. It was too comical in so many ways. He checked out the injury - there was a large gash that could be separated and was oozing. Long story short… a week of crusted liquid bandage adorned my bangs and my hairdo. The wound has healed. The vacation was lovely. I'm alive. My head is good. Aging, but good.
Now, I take you inside.

And finally, Sam and Charlie's most favorite part - their bedroom. Four beds built into the walls surrounding half of the room. Each with it's own built in television and headset for their personal viewing pleasure. How fun is that?

And to think, this is only beginning...


  1. I wish now more than ever that I had stowed away in your suitcase for destination - Restoration Heaven! It looks like the most divine space for relaxation and rejuvenation. And, you could have used a nurse to help with that head wound :) I have just spent my vacation sick, sick sick. Haven't been sick in 3 years, and it has to hit me on vacation day #1 :/ Laryngitis, bronchitis, etc . . . Next year, I'm recommending Rosemary Beach. Maybe your cousin will start renting out paradise to nice friends yours! Just a thought :)


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