And Then There Were Eight

This girl makes me smile. 
She makes me smile. really. big. 
Her name is Breeane. But you can call her Bree. She won't mind.
She is one of my sweetest, dearest, soul-connected friends dating back over 15-years… and I got to see her this weekend! She came to my house.
Bree and I went to Michigan State together. We lived on the same dormitory floor our first two years, then in the same house during our third year, and in the same bedroom our fourth year. In the same dirty (but re-wearable… at least two or three more times) clothes-piled room for a whole year. We were a match made in heaven. 
Now we live our lives 600 miles away from each other, but are still connected through some happy little fibers down deep in our hearts. We have gone through many and most of our major life stages at the same time (well all of the major life stages that are met by those of the thirty-something range) ~ and more importantly we seem to go through our passion/philosophical life stages at the same time. We may not reach out to each other every day but randomly find each other in the same space in the same moment three months later. That's divine friendship.

Well, it's no longer the two of us…

Bree and I met our other halves at the same time (who insist they are southern-brothers-from-another-mother), got married in the same year (our twosome turned into four), and started making those little peanuts (around) the same time. And then there were eight! So, now our "us" time is more about "them"… 
… and, well…. that's just perfect.
Charlie and Grant are only two-weeks apart, and Bree and I were sure they would be connected at the hip - however, there is something embedded in those first born / second born children. 
They just find each other.
Sam and Grant were….

 … and likewise with Charlie and Jillian.

They actually all four got along very well … it was just intriguing seeing their relationships form.

This little duo was melting my heart!
After staying up past 11pm and rising before 8, this energetic foursome decided to eat their breakfast on the patio.

We had silly faces.
Big giant cereal bites.
And sweet Houston-Hatcher smiles.
(well, sort of!) 
Can't wait to see more of these Houston-Hatcher reunions ~


  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend with friends from far away :)

  2. I was just about to post my to my blog, when I realized that my comments a few days ago didn't seem like they went through - and they didn't!! Thank you so much for such an incredible little only regret was that it went by too quickly. I cannot wait to have more Hatcher-Houston reunions either, and this time, they won't be 4 years in the making.

    Beautiful post, as always. Mine is eerily similar, but I promise you that I called out the only part that I replicated :)

    Love you!


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