Play Me Some Mountain Music

 One of my favorite things to do on a Hatcher Family day is escape to The Great Smoky Mountains just a short distance away.
It is refreshing to leave the toys, Leapsters, cell phones, and televisions behind and enjoy the simplicity of the world around us.
 I love to see my boys exploring ~ throwing rocks, finding crawdads (I don't touch them, but they all love it!), building dams and waterfalls, and never once complaining that they are bored or need something to entertain them. Pure. Simple. Fun.

 Charlie wanted to wear his goggles so he could find minnows in the water.
 I'm not sure what he stumbled upon here!
  A little playtime with daddy

 (I'm NOT gonna smile. You're NOT gonna make me.)
 Aaand my little pleaser ~

 Run! Run! He's gonna get us!
A perfect way to spend a family day ~


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