Imagination Movers

"Everybody shout what's the big idea 'Hey! What's the big idea?' Imagination Movers are music to your ears. What? We're music to your ears!"

Unless you have a kid under the age of 8, you certainly have no idea what I'm talking about … and even then, you still may not know.
The Imagination Movers were here in Knoxville performing at the Tennessee Theater. They are a kids rock band and they have their own show on Disney. Their show is all about brainstorming and problem solving. What could be better than that, right?
 Of course, with the show being downtown, we stopped and had some lunch at Tomato Head (had to sprinkle in a treat for mommy too!)… then we walked through Krutch Park to get to our destination (which is where the photo above was taken).
 They did a great job entertaining the kids… all four band members walked through the crowd multiple times, which was very exciting for the adoring fans.
 In the middle of his performance, Dave even grabbed Sam so his crazy mom could snap a shot… I think Sam was a bit skeptical about this being the "real" Dave from the "real" Imagination Movers!
 You can see Sam and Charlie right up in the spotlight with Scott (cracks me up!)
 Charlie rockin' it out with the band! They were both dancing their little hearts out.

This was officially Sam and Charlie's first concert! 
(Though, I'm assuming when they get to college and talk about their first concert, Imagination Movers won't be part of that conversation! Just sayin'.)


  1. Must admit, I have never heard of this group :/ But, I'm all about filling our children's lives with good music. Rock on :)


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