After pondering the idea for well over a year, I decided to take the plunge and I signed Sam and Charlie up for their first swim team feeder program. Feeder program. Who knew, right? 
Most of the swim programs around Knoxville (and I'm sure everywhere else too) have a feeder program - meaning young swimmers who aren't quite ready for swim team, but are ready to learn some new skills, and may feed into the swim team in the next year or so.
The program they are in is for 7 weeks, 5 days a week if we choose. No pressure. No major commitment to be there. It's a perfect match, and thankfully the boys are LoViNg it!
 And I personally am LoViNg the new attire! Skinny swim trunks, a new set of goggles, and some parted curly hair… too much yumminess in one little package, I tell ya!
Here's my wee little swimmer - learning new skills every. single. day.
 He's working on his free-style here!
 And this handsome little turkey below with his new goggles and self-inflicted short cut bangs… too hot to handle!
He's working on his dive… not an easy concept to get across - but here we've made excellent progress making sure our feet go in last!
Hanging out with their new favorite swim buddy, my cousin Nick! 
So proud of my little feeders!


  1. Your swimming peanuts are precious. Even with self-inflicted short bangs :)


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