I do believe there is nothing in life quite as beautifully, frightfully, perfectly, agonizingly, mind-bogglingly all-consuming as the experience of falling in love ~

Everyone around you can see it in your eyes, your smile, your mushy brain that can't keep a thought straight. There really isn't a better place in life to be ~ 
I was honored when my cousin, Nicole, and her fiance, Micah, asked me to do some engagement photos for them this past week.

These two are just oozing happiness, which makes for an easy, breezy, beautifully fun photo shoot.
 (I can't look at this picture above without laughing out loud!)

To finish the night off, they decided to really take the plunge - and jump into the pool, fully clothed!
(kinda lost my focus below… but it's still a fun picture!)
Congratulations Micah and Nicole! My cup runneth over with happiness for you. My wish for you is that you never ever stop falling… 
that way you know the best is always yet to come!


  1. Gorgeous! I don't ever plan on being engaged again, but if I was going to, I would want you to take my "falling pictures". Maybe you can do my mom's . . . she has several suitors after her heart :/

  2. I would love to do some engagement pictures for you mom! She makes me smile :) I think the pool jumping picture would be my most favorite!


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