Cardinals Baseball

He's a tough little cookie, this one. 
I gotta tell you, I was very skeptical about having Charlie play baseball this year. He seems to struggle in the listening department, and is extra stubborn when he's under mommy's supervision.
But after one painful practice, a whole lot of threats, and a new mommy frame of mind (he is only 4-years old!), we had a fun season and Charlie made incredible progress.
 Most Saturday mornings have started off like this… Charlie begging for and then ultimate winning the battle of "Can I play a game on your phone? Can I play a game on your phone? Pleeeease can I play a game on your phone? Mommy, can I play a game on your phone?" during Sam's baseball game.
Then over to Pilot field where Charlie plays.
Charlie never passes up an opportunity to be silly and have fun!
This is how he and his curly headed twin, Bennett, would celebrate in between every play.
So hilarious to see this go down...
Actually, most of the time they wouldn't even wait for the play to be over. Take note of this player from the other team steadily making his way to third base.
Those are some good memories in the making :)
Then of course we have Spiderman scaling the fence while in the dugout.

Now it's time to get serious!
I've been so proud of Charlie for working hard on his swing the past couple months. He went through several flavors of it throughout the season, but ended on a high note with this fast, level swing. Of course, he was using his magic bat here … so that makes all the difference!
Last year, he would slowly trot to first base after a hit.
He's starting to realize the fun in being fast and doing your best.
Good job buddy!
Based on our first practice, I would have never imagined Charlie being "baseball ready" for an entire inning… but here is!
And here...
And here...
   …. Well, I wouldn't want him to lose that spunk entirely!
Charlie even made some great plays in the field...
Great throw to first buddy!
Here is Coach Mark, who Sam and Charlie lovingly call "Coach Knucklehead" (he is Yuke's Daddy), with the great Cardinals team of 2012!
"Gooooo Cardinals!!"


  1. OH my gosh! Your baseball pics are to die for!! Nothing. cuter. Love the mid-game hugging! I can tell both Sam and Charlie are going to be total pros in no time!


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