Pet Week

Charlie's preschool class just celebrated Pet Week! We were invited to bring in our own pets to visit the classroom. To avoid the size, smell, and hair of Braxton (sorry baby!), we decided to take Max and Maggie, Cole and Logan's new puppies. 
The kids went nutso over them! I was able to get a small taste of what every day is like for Ms. Jody and Ms. Melissa in this classroom of second borns and/or multiple birth babies… Wowza! Makes me love and appreciate them even more ~
As energetic and wild as these Young 4's can be, every single one of them has a tender little heart with a loving spirit. 
They were just precious with Max and Maggie.
 The pups did great… they were actually really sleepy, which probably made it much easier on us. That way we only had to keep up with the little human crazies :)
 Poor li'l Max kept trying to sneak beneath or behind the couch, desperately seeking a long snooze. He didn't get too much sleep time in!
 Finally, the two of them snuck in a little snuggle time, just before we left.
We also stopped by Sam's classroom for a moment. Again, the kids were crazy about the adorable puppies.
 Sam proudly got to tell everyone about the puppies. He was happy to be able to surprise all of his friends with this special little treat.
It sure looks exhausting being a precious little pup!


  1. Those are some adorable puppies! But I sure don't miss those days :/


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