More Great Adventures

And other times our greatest adventures are in 
someone else's backyard

The Foresters are in the process of getting the pump fixed on their [enormous] hot tub. What better use of a pumpless hot tub than to turn it into a refreshing, cool swimming hole on a hot spring day?
 Jack was smiling in between his shivers here for me. Mr. Photogenic never disappoints!
This little hot mess could melt anyone's heart. So. Precious.
  Charlie in full gear!

I'm diligently working on an arranged marriage for Sam and Lisa.
 See! Jack is even smiling with the snorkel in his mouth.
 Life's little pleasures ~


  1. all about the arranged marriage and i love the older lady, younger man thing-it so worked for me.

  2. I love how you take the time to just play . . . either in your backyard ~ or ~ someone else's :)


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