Happily Ever After

Well, you've probably already heard the news. It's really all people are talking about lately!
You know… the wedding?
The Letters Q and U finally decided to get hitched! Mr. Q realized he just couldn't survive without her. So their life has officially begun...
 The ceremony took place at St. Marks United Methodist Church here in Knoxville. In fact, the Fab 5's class was responsible for making it all happen.
 Each Mr. Q, one-by-one, walked his lovely Miss U down the aisle to say their vows.
 This little pair happened to be my personal favorite ~
 The beautiful ladies proudly carried their orange, pink, and yellow crepe paper bouquets, while handmade veils adorned their exquisite dresses...
and the boys proudly stood by in their handsome attire waiting to say "I do"

 Pastor Dave lead the ceremony and graciously announced the union of Mr. Q & Miss U ~ May you live happily ever after!
Charlie's class was able to attend the ceremony ~ Charlie informed me that when he is a Fab 5 next year, he will be marrying Rachel.
 The ceremony was followed by a Mother's Day reception in Sam's class. It was lovely ~ We were presented our sweet gifts, which included bath salts that our children had carefully coated with essential oils, an a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e hand drawn kitchen towel, and portfolios of beautiful artwork from throughout the year.
 We were also served a lovely brunch ~ all pulled together by Sam's teachers Ms. Judy and Ms. Amy. They are absolutely wonderful!

Sam and Stephen decided to get a little silly with some bunny ear photos (I love that Stephen does his own!)
 And Sam finished off the event with the biggest smile he could muster.
We're one event closer to Sam's final days of preschool… It still just baffles my mind!


  1. Great pics, Mary! This is WAY cuter and more elaborate than I had imagined! Sam sure makes a handsome Mr. Q! You know Cate has her gown and veil all ready for next year :) ... See you at our next Mother's Day event on Monday ~ Sarah

  2. I just love weddings. Especially when the groom shows up in his Batman suit! Priceless :)


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