Blooms n Bees

It's that special time of year when all my sweethearts are full of life! 
Hydrangeas all over Knoxville are bursting with blooms right now. That certainly seems to have been my flower of choice while I was hastily digging holes all over my backyard! I've got white, light-pink, dark-pink, purple, and blue. 

Below is my Peppermint Forever and Ever Hydrangea  (no, I'm not making that up)… I'm assuming maybe it lasts a little longer than the "endless summer" and "forever" hydrangeas.
 This is a Lady in Red Hydrangea - given its name because of the color of its branches, markings on its leaves, and deep color of its leaves in late summer. One of my favorites this year.
 A Twist and Shout Hydrangea… I just got her last year. She's the baby in the family ~
Below is a spider wort getting ready to bloom. This was a transplant from my neighbor. The sweethearts have all grown so much in the past year, for the first time ever I'm having to transplant and/or thin some of them out. Makes me feel like a real gardner!
 My spirea is loaded with flowers right now. They came out a deep pink this year. 
I love love love bees. I appreciate all the work they do to keep the plants in my yard happy and alive (if you look closely enough, you can see this little guy's eyes!)
These sundrops have been a fun addition. I planted two tiny twigs last summer from my neighbor's garden and they've multiplied like crazy!
This hosta is the same plant that was stuck beneath a rock last summer and worked so hard to find her way out, just to be destroyed by the hail storm. She is doing much better this year!
My St. John's Wort is beginning to bloom ~ its also starting to spread like crazy up on the hill!
After our mosquito man came last week and gave us back our yard, I have enjoyed many hours of meals and memories in my little oasis of creative chaos. Next, I'm going to try out some vegetables in the new vegetable planter Mr. Agrestic made me for Mothers Day… I hope the garden fairies are on my side for this adventure!


  1. Your sweethearts are looking fabulous! I don't have one hydrangea in my yard. All of a sudden I feel the need to have one :)

  2. I'm still thinking I need a hydrangea. Any growing tips? Do you have a favorite place that you get them? I especially love the Lady In Red and the Twist and Shout :)

  3. So glad you want to join in my hydrangea obsession! I too love the lady in reds. While you can find them many places, I seem to gravitate toward Ellenburg for my hydrangeas. I've had very good luck with every one I've purchased from her. I have one of my lady in reds in part shade/part sun and the other in full shade with filtered sunlight. Both are thriving. All hydrangeas seem to require a meaningful amount of water their first two growing seasons, but then are very easy after that. Depending on your soil, it will either come out pink or blue/purple. I believe the more acidic your soil is, the more blue it will be. You can add fertilizer if you like this color. Good luck! Take lots of pictures :)

  4. Field trip to Ellenburg's today :) I am now the proud owner of a Time After Time Hydrangea - and she is a beaut! Can't wait to get her in the ground. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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