Puppy Love

Is there anything cuter than a baby puppy?
How about two baby puppies… who can't get enough of each other…
Then you throw in some handsome little peanuts who can't get enough of the baby puppies, and the world is just overflowing with cuteness!
 We had Easter dinner out at my parents' house and the boys' cousins, Cole and Logan, brought their precious new babies over for a visit.
 Sam and Charlie were crazy about them.
 Wiping off those sweet [unexpected] puppy kisses.

 Some more sweet puppy smooches. Cracks us sooooo up!
 Mommy's baby blues...

(I heart pictures of Charlie looking up at Sam) 

 Sam and Charlie with their sweet cousins who always find ways to make them smile :)
 [Little Max's tummy is making a heart shape]

All kinds of puppy love going on here!


  1. Oh em gee!! I see puppies in your very near future! YIKES!!


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