Egg Drop

Today was the annual egg drop for Sam's Fab 5’s class. What an egg-citing day it was! The rules were to put a raw egg inside a container that is no larger than 7” x 7” x 7” and cushion it or control it in some way to ensure it doesn’t crack when dropped from a second story window. We tried a couple different designs… water balloons (we actually forced an egg inside a water balloon… slightly awkward!), balloons filled with air, and then finally resorted to just cushioning the egg with colorful, stringy, bouncy balls.

The parents were all invited to attend this event. It was adorable seeing all the 5 year olds shrill with excitement when their parent(s) showed up.

I cherish that.
I know we won’t be that cool forever.

(well, maybe Aidan wasn't shrilling with excitement… he's on the bottom left)

Sam’s egg was the first to be dropped…

Here it goes...


 Now the results…


Protected beautifully by these colorful, squishy, stringy balls!

Congratulations to my little engineer! Awesome job buddy on making sure your egg survived The Big Egg Drop!


  1. Awesome job, Sam! Cate loved watching the egg drop. Can't wait to do it next year! ... Also, Cate learned the term Ho-n-tell from Charlie (I'm assuming she learned it from him anyway) and used it all throughout our Disney trip. Nice!

  2. Oh, and who wouldn't laugh at the squishy balls comment?! I mean, REALLY?! ;D

  3. Hilarious! I hope you and Richie never "grow up", 'cuz I love you just the way you are :)


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