Easter Egg Hunt

There are few things in life that I love more than cry pictures with giant, fuzzy (and quite honestly a tad bit freaky) holiday characters. It makes for the most perfect memory :) Baby Hayes gave me just what I needed this Easter!
 Then he flashed these dreamy brown eyes at me, and I was smitten ~
We had our annual Dunbarton Oaks Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt this past Saturday. Luckily, some of our greatest little buddies live in our neighborhood. 
 I guess this is Charlie's new I'll-give-mommy-a-sort-of-smile-just-so-she'll-get-that-obnoxious-camera-out-of-my-face-look.
 Here's Charlie, Yuke, and Jack Forester… so sweet ~
Unfortunately, the rain started coming down on us and cut the party a little short. Charlie came up missing for a few minutes, but in true Mr. Resourceful Fashion came out strong with an essential rainy day accessory!

 Sam was off running with the big kids searching for a golden egg for most of the afternoon, but I was eventually able to catch up with him.
 Rhett looking so handsome.
No golden egg today, but way excited about the magic 8-ball he found in one of his eggs.

Happy Easter to all! I sure hope the Easter Bunny is good to you this year!


  1. Awesome pictures! My favorite is the one with Charlie, his umbrella, and his bucket hanging from the handle - keeping one hand free for egg collection . . . very smart thinking :)


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