Who's That Playing Tricks?

St. Patrick's Day is certainly toward the top of Sam and Charlie's list of favorite holidays. Who knew? I can honestly say I have zero memories of celebrating St. Patrick's Day as a child… I can definitely recall some great memories of celebrating it as a college kid… but none as a little kid. 
Well now-a-days, Leprechauns sneak into homes in the middle of the night and reek havoc. The kids get all pumped up about it for the entire week before, wondering what type of shenanigans those little fellas are gonna play.
We suspect there may have been several Leprechauns in our house this year because they had 4 of Sam and Charlie's bikes in our kitchen, lined up in a circle around the island, looking like they'd been riding around it all night.
This, of course, gave Sam and Charlie free reign to do some bike riding in the house.
 The Leprechauns also thought it would be funny to stash Sam and Charlie's shoes up in the windows...

And make all of our pictures face the walls…

They also stole a table from the boys' room and put in in the playroom with the drum set sitting on top. And of course, their favorite trick… leaving the toilet seat up with green pee left in it!
Hysterical laughter comes from that ole trick!

To top it all off, they made shamrocks with whipped cream all over our kitchen table just to rub it all in our faces!
We have had a hysterically happy, hyper day in the Hatcher household. 
Hopefully we can catch those little Leprechauns next year!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!! 


  1. Who ever heard of such crazy activities by Leprechauns? I always thought they just sat at the end of the rainbow tending to their pots of gold. Please don't ever tell my boys how much they missed out on in their childhoods. Fun such as this never happened around our house on St. Patty's Day. And, the green pee - priceless :)


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