Strokes and Such

Ever since I had my own painting adventure at Spirited Art, I've been wanting to either take Sam and Charlie there to do a kids' painting, or have them create their own canvas art at home.
Well, this past weekend, I opted for the latter ~ and we had a ball!
 I was afraid if I didn't give them some direction that within 5 minutes we would end up with two giant canvases of a swirled colorful mess ~ so I pulled up images of kid paintings on the Internet and had each of them pick out their designs.
 Charlie opted for a Snoopy painting, while Sam chose a peace-sign / ferris wheel design.
 I went ahead and used a pencil to sketch out the Snoopy print ~ just to give Charlie something to follow. Other than that and some verbal guidance, the two of them were on their own.
 They both spent about an hour and a half on their artwork, and really did a fantastic job!

And here, the finished product! Two new pieces of art to add to our playroom walls. 

I'm officially addicted to kid art! The next project will be for them to paint a self-portrait… Can't wait to work on those :)


  1. Precious! And, I love their initials in the corner :)


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