Springtime in My World

As long as I can remember, fall has been my very favorite time of year ~ the gorgeous colors, crisp dry air, clear blue skies, and spicy scent of burning fires and dreamy fall drinks. Now that I have found such love in planting and nurturing my sweethearts outside, I do believe spring is steadily taking the lead as my favorite season.
I find myself stepping outside frequently to simply stand still and soak in the daily growth of the world around me. I swear if you stare long enough, you can actually see the blooms as the pop out and the plants as they reach for the sunlight. It makes me giggle inside… literally. 
I have sworn that I would plant bulbs in my yard the past several falls - but have continued to fail at that for some reason. So, I don't have the traditional spring flowers popping up around me. Here are a few of the things I see dancing in my yard…
Autumn Ferns creeping out of the ground ~
 Buds getting ready to bloom on my Weeping Cherry Tree ~
 The gorgeous blossoms from those buds ~

 Sweet Virginia Bluebells ~
 The lovely Linton Rose ~
More to come as my babies continue to grow!


  1. The sweethearts on your hill are breathtaking! What a joy it has been to share this last year on your blog, with all of your amazing sweethearts :)


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