Redneck Beach Club

It's spring break!! 
The Hatcher Family is on another stay-cation (well, actually the little Hatchers and I are on a stay-cation, while daddy is working) - and there is no better way to kick off summer than beaching it redneck style!
 We went to The Cove today to enjoy the sandy beach (well… half sand, half mud) and the refreshing water (well… a little brownish-green with some sticks and such floating around ~ but nice and cool nonetheless)!
That's the beauty of kids. They. Couldn't. Care. Less.
 They splashed.
 They ran.
 They chased.
 They laughed.
 They played.
 They battled.
 They laughed some more.
 They got serious.
 Then they got real serious.
Then we decided to invite some of our favorite redneck friends to join in the fun. 
 And they did.
 All six kids had a blast.
 They made beauty in the sand ~ and played in harmony the entire afternoon.

 It's days like this that it feels real good to be a redneck! 


  1. What a fabulous day! Just goes to show you don't have to travel to some far away destination to have a wonderful vacation :)


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