Project 52 / 9 - Leading Lines

I've been in a bit of a photography rut lately, and have been slacking on my Project 52. The past two weeks have been "Leading Lines" and "Round". 
The Agrestic Family went on a quick little fishing trip today, which gave me an opportunity to capture images for both weeks.

Leading lines are fun to play around with. When Richie suggested that we go to the fishing piers off Northshore Drive, I was all about that - knowing there would be lots of "lines" around us.
So the boys fished… and I just tried to get pictures of lines.
Sam was pretty proud that he learned how to cast on his own ~

We even had jet planes making lines for us
And, as always, the worms become the focus of all their attention!

The final one.. not many lines to be found in this picture, it just makes me smile (which creates lines on my face… does that count?)


  1. Love the worms - and the missing tooth on that handsome peanut! Can you believe you've been blogging for almost a year?


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