Train City

This weekend the Hatcher boys' play time was centered around Train City, which is the present state of our bonus room… tracks, bridges, windmills, a round-house, more tracks, and lots and lots of trains span across the room, creating hours and hours of imaginary adventures for Sam and Charlie. 

 No set is complete without the ever-popular aquarium car...
and, of course, here we have Thomas leading the way… Happy Birthday Thomas, that is!
 Here is Charlie leading his set over one of the many bridges ~
Time for the trains to catch a little mid-afternoon snooze here in the round-house.

 Of course, not too long before the Cars characters have to join in the fun. Pretty sure Mater isn't too concerned about obeying the Stop/Go signs.
 Intently guiding the Cars crew down the tracks...
Ahh Boys… so simple to entertain ~


  1. My boys used to love Thomas the Tank Engine, and Buzz Lightyear jammies! Brings back many memories :) Thanks for sharing.


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