Project 52 / 8 ~ Self Portrait

Eeek! I've been dreading this one all week long… but in the spirit of turning 35 this year, and being one step closer to letting go of all those silly insecurities, I'm posting one of my self portrait pictures here.
I don't have a remote, so this is a whole lot more complicated than you might think. When you use the self timer, it doesn't refocus once the subject shows up in the picture… so you have to guesstimate where the subject [you] is going to end up, set the focus, press the button, run, and hope for the best!

I wasn't trying to be over-dramatic here with the distant look ~ just trying to minimize the presence of wrinkles :)

Once Charlie caught sight of what I had going on, he was all about helping me. So, I took several more self portraits with my little buddy… these are a bit more my speed. Focus on ye little curly one ~


  1. Love. I love your distant look. But, I love your wrinkles, too! And, your peanuts are so much of who you are - it's perfect that he showed up to help you out :)


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