Scrub a dub dub

It seems that our bath tub days are dwindling down, as we now lean toward the ease of showering our little fellas. 
Well, Sam and Charlie wanted to take a bath this past weekend, so I decided to get a few shots of their sweet smelling clean little faces while they were in the tub. 
 Since they can't run from me while they are in the bathtub, it made for a much easier capture!
Here we are with our gum issues on display :-/`

This thing below is complete silliness… 
Charlie told Santa that he wanted a "squirting fish" for Christmas (?? what ??) So Santa brought a tube of 10 different squirting aquatic creatures… It's been a while since Santa shopped in the infant aisle for Charlie's Christmas presents. Low and behold, they've been a big hit! Go figure ~

Woe is me ~ My babies are growing up :(


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