Project 52 ~ Week 3 ~ Food!

I've recently joined an online mommy photography group and am currently participating in a Project 52. I've never participated in a Project 52, or 365, but I assume they are all pretty similar. Each week we are given a new topic to photograph and everyone shares their art throughout the week, with the goal of growing with each other. Lucky for me, this week's topic is Food… 
Well sort of lucky for me.
I do love food. 
Down to my core, I love it. 
I feel passion for it. 
I dream about it. 
I plan my days around it. 
I create friendships over it. 
I vacation around it. 
I reward myself with it. 
The only thing about food that I've never really embraced is… well… preparing it. It's just not my thing!

So, though I am mesmerized by beautiful food photography ~ I haven't spent much time doing it because I rarely have beautiful platters of food in my kitchen.

I spent a lot of time this week trying to figure out what I could possibly dig out of my refrigerator, and call art. I ended up going in two different directions. In the first, I used the dreamy homemade peppermint patties my sweet friend delivered to me this weekend…
They are de-light-ful!
And the second is a shot of my little agrestics' most favorite super food…
The Avocado.
I have much to learn about photographing food… Unfortunately, I suspect I won't have the opportunity to grow my food photography skills without first embracing the preparation part of it.
So, for now, I'm thinking I'll just stick with people photography!


  1. You are so blessed to have such a sweet friend ;) Lovely food photos! Looking forward to many more of your Project 52 masterpieces :)

  2. I agree… I am VERY blessed to have such a sweet friend. No doubt about it. My shweet peppermint penny!


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