My Best Friend, Yuke

Meet Charlie
Charlie couldn't be more excited about his new best friend that moved in the house next door about 6 months ago (granted, this picture doesn't necessarily reflect Charlie's excitement… I just kinda loved the picture, so I thought I'd share).

Meet Yuke 
Most people know him as Luke…
But this is Charlie's tale, so we will call him Yuke.
 Yuke is the greatest kind of friend… 
He loves to roll dump trucks down giant hills. 
He loves to play cars. 
He loves to go on adventures up in the woods.
He loves to battle with me against our older brothers.
Yuke is that special kind of friend who makes my day happier just by being around.
  He even gets grumpy when he misses his nap… just yike me!
Me and Yuke really see eye-to-eye.
I hope we are friends for a yong yong time!


  1. Everyone needs a best friend like Yuke in their life :)


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