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So, there is a really good chance that I have a "lifestyle" fashion shoot coming up for a clothing retailer soon (holy cow! I know!) … and I'm just a teensy bit nervous about the whole thing. I know exactly the look I want to achieve with the photos… I'm just having a hard time believing that I can actually make that happen. But, apparently someone saw something in my pictures that made them believe it could be done, so I'm just going to feed off that!
To help ease some of the butterflies, I took my go-to fashion gal out for a practice photo shoot last week. 
 I was trying to focus on "lifestyle" shots as opposed to the portrait shots that I dearly love… but when you've got such a beautiful subject, it's hard to keep the camera from going after those close ups!
 This below was a fun little shot… the green blur is actually from the leaves of a plant I buried myself behind. I like the hazy effect it gave the picture.

 Again, hard to ignore that perfect face ~

This one came out of the camera completely over-exposed… something about it still appealed to me.

Overall, I was happy with the pictures… I have two big take aways. 
The first is to BaCk Up!! I'm so accustomed to focusing on portrait shots, it's really hard for me to stand back - and when doing so, I need to adjust the settings to make sure I keep my subject in focus.
My second take away is possibly to plan an activity - although I tried to focus on more natural shots, they are still staged. Maybe next time I can make her run laps, vacuum my house, mow my lawn… or something like that!
Thanks Lauren for being such a trooper and letting me practice on you :)


  1. These are so gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the pictures from your shoot! ROCK IT!

  2. Gorgeous pics and gorgeous model (how can she be that grown up already??)! So excited for the shoot that awaits you - you are going to rock it! Congrats my friend! Can't wait to see your work :)

  3. I think Lauren definitely has a future in modeling if she so desires :) She is a lovely young lady, and her sweetness is so captured by your lens. So glad we decided to get rid of all those old insecurities last year. You are so talented in all that you do, the clothing retailer should be thrilled that you have fit them into your busy life! Keep true to yourself, and the awesome pictures will continue to flow :)


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