Downtown Disney

Without even entering a park, it is obvious to see that Walt Disney is a creative master of design in sensory magic that makes your mind imagine and believe in world of wonder and fantasy. 
Downtown Disney is a kids playland offering Lego Land, the T-Rex Cafe, Planet Hollywood, the Rainforest Cafe, Godiva Chocolate Heaven, beautifully lit trees that flash like fireflies, hot air balloon rides, and more…
Below, you'll see a small mix of what we saw. 

But first… 
No Agrestic Adventure is complete without Charlie immediately falling asleep when we get in the car,
And Sam laughing at him for doing it...
 Although he gets heavy, I try to soak in every second of carrying my sleeping baby around on my shoulder.
 The Peter Pan hot air balloon flying high above the sky
 Weird, red dude pretending to be a statue… then stealing little kids' hats!
 Digging for Dinosaur Bones at T-Rex Cafe

Finishing up an overpriced, mediocre meal at T-Rex Cafe
(kidding, kidding… nuttin' but LoVe for this stuff… really :/)
 Playtime at Lego Land

And finally, marveling at the super-cool-awesome Buzz and Woody Lego Characters (while keeping Charlie awake!)


  1. The Buzz and Woody Legos are amazing ~ and Charlie's sleeping habits and his big yawn are priceless :)


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