Charlie learns to swim!!!

It seems that there is a magical moment in every child's life where the concept of swimming just clicks. I remember Sam had his moment in the Renaissance Hotel overlooking Manhattan just before his 4th birthday. We had been driving for 11 hours straight, and he was so excited to get some energy out - he just started swimming all over the salt water pool. 

Well, Charlie had his moment this past week in Orlando. While he was first a little angry that his mommy and daddy forgot his swim vest, he later become the happiest little boy in Florida!

 Racing his big brother

Great Job Charlie Hatcher!! So proud of my newest little fishy!
Here are a few others of our day at the pool.
I think I accidentally incriminated myself here … with a shot of Sam sipping on my chai :/

 Is it just me, or does Sam look exactly Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber in this picture below??  
Love. It.

 Big Cannonball into the pool!
Now a backflip...

 Charlie gets in on the action
 A Little Daddy Charlie Love

 I adore this picture below
  Uh Buddy, I don't think the goggles are workin' for ya!
What a great day of swimming in December!! And Congratulations to Charlie for reaching another major milestone!


  1. Awesome job Charlie! And yes, Sam does loom Luke Lloyd! How funny!

  2. WHAT?!??? I can't believe he just started swimming just like that!! Amazing! I can't get enough of his sweet little blonde curls. Curls + goggles = over-the-top adorableness :)

  3. Way to go, Charlie! Swimming pools with little ones are so much more fun when they can swim. For me, it always meant more mom relaxing time out of the pool . . . a little chai, a good book, warm sunshine ~ heaven!


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