Bowling Buddies

Last weekend we made some long overdue plans to meet up with our friends, The Avery's. Amy and Howie and their sweet girls, Emma Caroline and Sophie lived next door to us for a couple years. Sam and Charlie have always adored the girls and the four of them play exceptionally well together.
This time, we decided to take our adventures to the bowling alley, which turned out to be a great afternoon of fun! Unfortunately, the bowling alley presents some tricky photography challenges ~ but we both did our best to capture a few moments.
 Amy made this same comment on her blog… but I can't let it pass by, we swear Charlie and Sophie are long lost twins. Something about those little faces (and personalities too) that fit together so perfectly.
 To add to the photo challenges, they turned the lights off and went to neon ~
 Charlie had this awesome shot-put style bowling swing that we're considering trademarking. Rarely did he use the bumpers. I think he may have even beaten me one game!

What a perfect way to spend a cold winter's day!


  1. Ahhh! I knew you got great photos! We had such a fabulous time with you all! We will plan something very soon as promised. Hope your birthday has been wonderful!

  2. Do you think Charlie could give me a few bowling lessons? I am almost as challenged at bowling as I am at skiing! Love his style :)


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