Back When We Turned Thirty-Something

Richie and I both celebrated our Thirty-Something Birthdays last week… (and just for the record, his "Something" happens to be much much larger than my "Something", but I guess that's not the point)… regardless, it was a full week of several mini-celebrations.
I must say, this Thirty-Something happened to hit me a little harder than any other ever has. I've never once feared my birthday or growing older. I think I have a bit of an old soul, and I'm often surprised at my age. I don't feel physically old ~ my soul just happens to believe that I'm a bit older than my age reflects. 
So I'm not sure what it was that smacked me in the face. 
It could have been the taunting from my dear friends at work - insisting that my "Something" puts me in a whole new demographic (30"something" - 49! wtf?) 
Could be the fact that "my dryer has recently shrunk all my jeans" (what's UP with that?) 
Could be that I walked on UT's campus the other day and I'm pretty sure I heard a couple of the kids call me "mom"… and I don't just mean "a mom", I mean "their mom!" 
Regardless, it is a moment in time, and I'm here to embrace every ounce of it.

Back when Richie and I turned Thirty-Something…

Homemade confetti cakes with family sketches and purple bling made my heart melt...
 And so did these handsome angels patiently posing with it ~
 Richie's sad little red velvet cupcake held up the three candles upon which he made his big Thirty-Something birthday wish ~
 Bright yellow roses made for a happy, January masterpiece in the middle of our kitchen table ~
Our beautiful baby girl loved us with all her heart ~
Tomato Head served us our hummus, tofu, and avocado on a near weekly basis ~ Oh, and missing teeth were all the rage!
 Charlie wore his British paperboy hat with style and never stopped being silly!

Water with lemon became my restaurant beverage of choice while I tried to cut back on the sweet tea… for fear that it wasn't really the dryer shrinking my jeans!
 Eating made Charlie sleepy, and this is how he looked resting upon his Daddy's leg under the table...
Charlie called me his "snuggle muffin" in an effort to trick me into carrying him. It worked like a charm! 
 Sam could climb 20 feet up a giant magnolia tree and felt like he was on top of the world! 
Upside-down tickling made Charlie howl with laughter ~
Sam loved being silly while slurping long strands of spaghetti
Charlie did too!
  Daddy and Sam looked more and more alike every single day...
And I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world… back when we turned Thirty-Something.


  1. Well thirty something never looked better than on you! I have three years on you friend so no age jokes! I remember quite well three years ago thinking a la Joey in the turning 30 birthday episode on Friends, "Why God!" But alas age happens and at that point I decided I have earned my right to be exactly who I am and be proud of it! Enjoy! You rock! And you only keep getting better.

  2. What a great birthday week! You look amazing! (seriously hard to believe that your "something" is bigger than my "something" ... but I digress ... ;D) P.S. I can't believe Charlie called you his "Snuggle Muffin"! What a lady killer! xo

  3. Your purple Mommy bling cake makes my heart melt ~ Happy Birthday to you and your sweetheart!


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