We're Going Where???

The Agrestic Family was blessed on Christmas morning with a super-big, super-amazing, super-exciting present from Old Saint Nick. 

Mr. Agrestic and myself were all prepared with the video camera, digital camera, and kleenex as the big surprise was unveiled.

We have watched plenty-o you-tube videos and know kids can get quite emotional when the last-minute surprise Disney Trip is sprung on them. We're no dummies… we prepared for this one!

So, to set the stage, Santa sent Sam and Charlie a video before Christmas letting them know he would bring them a big surprise in a Golden Box on Christmas morning
 They excitedly opened the golden box… just to find another golden box wrapped inside it… and then another!
 Finally, they got to the center of it… to find two new sets of MICKEY EARS, along with a note from Santa Claus. 
Sam carefully read the note "Sam and Charlie, You are going to Disney World!"
He smiled … just like this
And then he said "Awe… do we have to go this week?"
Followed by Charlie running off and saying, "I'm going to go give Braxton her bone!"
Followed by the beep beep beep of Richie turning off the video camera and making the sound "Wuh wuh wuh wuuuuuuh" (the four notes that play when you've witnessed an Epic Fail)

It was a p.r.e.t.t.y pathetic response… 
but it was genuine, 
and unique, 
and it's ours. 

So we can treasure it … and laugh at it… and hopefully recover from it when they get a taste of what Disney World is all about.
On a positive note, Sam LoVeD playing with the tinsel that surrounded the Mickey Ears!!
Off to Orlando we go! 
Wish us luck!


  1. I'm sure the little Agrestic's will have an amazing time once they arrive at the Magic Kingdom. It's a small world, after all . . . Hope you are all having a wonderful time :)


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