Pain in the...

I rediscovered this video I took on my phone after we went to a UT football game this fall. It doesn't reflect well on our parenting, but it was one of those moments where the pure laughter and overall experience of what was going on took precedence over the "teaching moment".

So, for some background… "butt" is not a word we use in our house. We opt for the more appealing "hiney" or "bottom". Just prior to this moment, Richie was buckling Charlie in his carseat, and Charlie, out of the blue, told his dad "You're a pain in the butt" (inappropriate, yes)… but it was followed by this howling laughter that pretty much made it impossible to correct him.

The moment carries on, as does the laughter…
Sam chimes in with his own take on the situation…
More laughter…

THEN the limit is pushed, and I finally reach the point that I have to roll the credits and call it a day… the sad part is that it wasn't Charlie or Sam who pushed the limits.

Lord help me, and my sweet children...

Hope you find it as funny as we all did!


  1. I heart your family more and more every day. Thanks for keepin' it real :)


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