Christmas Parade

The Agrestics spent Friday night downtown Knoxville taking part in some of the Christmas festivities our lovely city has to offer.
Our adventure began in typical fashion with Charlie falling asleep in the car...
Then we headed to Gay Street to see the parade…
I would rank the parade as "just okay" ~ but we still enjoyed being part of the festivities

After the parade, we headed to Market Square as we waited for our table at Cafe 4

We sat outside under the warm, red lights while we got our tummies all cozy with gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup dippers (some of the best on the planet, I might add)
Sam was a happy camper!

Then we headed over to see the hundreds of brave souls packed into the ice skating rink in the middle of the square

And finished off the night in Krutch Park marveling at the blue and white lights

This was each of their responses to "Don't you smile… Don't you dare smile… I'm gonna get you if you smile"

The Agrestics have officially kicked off this Christmas Season and hope for many great memories to come!!


  1. What a fun evening with the Agrestics! I'm in total agreement with you on the Grilled Cheese Dippers at Cafe 4 - currently my most craved restaurant food :) Thanks for sharing all of your holiday fun with us, and for helping us get into the holiday spirit! Looking forward to your next Agrestic Adventure!


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