Charlie's Birthday Party (Pt I)

This has been a long awaited event in the heart of my dear Charlie. This was the first year he really took notice of Sam's birthday and all the events that surrounded it. So on a weekly basis since September 2nd, Charlie has asked "Mommy, when is it gonna be my birfday?"
 Well, the festivities have finally begun!
Charlie chose to have his 4th Birthday party at "Big Gym" (it is actually called Tatarus, but has been given the name "Big Gym" by the Hatcher family to distinguish it from its younger brother "The Little Gym") 

It turned out to be a really fun day… Charlie and his 14 closest friends rocked it out on the trampolines, foam pits, swinging ropes, and the tower of terror…
Here is Charlie taking his first giant leap! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah ~
A successful landing, indeed!
Charlie and Cate, the little rebels, breaking the "1 kiddo on the trampoline at a time" law 
 Mark and Luke - Charlie and Sam's super cool new friends next door
 And their little brother, Rhett
Rachel and Charlie having a ball in the foam pit
 Jack Pearson preparing to do his front flip into the foam pit!
Another successful landing, indeed
 Charlie defending his girl, Nay, from mean ole' Micah
And they all end up falling in!
It was a pretty awesome way to spend a cold afternoon… I think we had some 4 year olds with an abundance of energy to expel!
Stay tuned for Part II… The birthday cake!


  1. What a fun birfday! Just a small, intimate party ~ Charlie and 14 of his closest friends :) Love it!


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