Charlie's Birthday Party (Part II)

Following the chaos that took place in the gym, all the kids headed upstairs to indulge in some much needed S.U.G.A.R!!! 

Charlie wanted a Spiderman Cake this year for his birthday (Go Licensed Characters! WooHoo!) So, here it is in all its glory!

(Since shooting in fluorescent lighting can prove to be a bit of a color challenge for a newbie photographer, I decided to change all my cake pictures to black and white ~) 
Here is the birthday boy patiently awaiting his birthday cake
Sam was extra supportive of his baby brother today
Mark… always the little gentleman
 Rachel worn out from all the festivities
Make a wish buddy!!
 Love love love capturing shots of all those sweet frosting faces!

Happy 4th Birthday My Sweet Angel! 
Hope you had the most special day ever!


  1. The black and white cake shots are so so cool. Still entranced by those eyes in the very last picture. Fabulous!


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