Photo Shoots

I had the opportunity this weekend to do two family photo shoots, so I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites with you…
First was a full shoot with the Pearson Family at a very cool barn in Knoxville. 
We had several elements working against us… sun, high winds, occasional vehicles passing by, Charlie roaming around…
But I think we were able to capture a few keepers during the process!
Jack and Davis did a great job!
Though I do recall hearing them ask me several times "Why are you taking so many pictures of us?"
But then they'd keep smiling!
It got a little intense when I insisted on capturing a shot of them on their bellies in front of this barn…
This is when the wind decided to stir up some grass and dirt, blowing straight into their faces. The sun made its presence known a few times. They were pretty much over it. I was hoping to get that million dollar shot…
As luck would have it, this one was my favorite! Captures the moment perfectly.
They were a little more receptive to this shot from a different angle… but only after I let them play with my camera for a little bit.
This little moment was all them… I didn't direct it. I think it's sweet ~
And my personal favorite, captured by Mr. Jack Pearson (age 5) of my dear friend, Kristen, and I. You get a sense for the wind situation here. This is not a new look I'm going for (in case you were wondering)!

Next I headed over to the lovely UT Gardens to capture a quick family photo of the Harper Family.
I was up for doing more, but they insisted just a quick picture!
Little Max and Cate are gorgeous kids to photograph
They're eyes just kill me ~
It was a fun day of photo practice for me with some sweet sweet friends!


  1. Your talents never cease to amaze me. Your beautiful photos never cease to amaze me either! Please don't quit your day job to become some big famous photographer. I would miss your smile too much :)

  2. Hey! It's us! On your blog! ... Can't thank you enough for coming out and taking pictures for us again. We love them! And those pictures of the Pearson boys are priceless!! You are so good! xo


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