The Leggett Family

Lucky for me, I have a really big family ~ so I've had many opportunities over the past month to practice my photography skills
 This weekend, I got to spend some time with my Uncle Steve and Aunt Connie and their sweet family
 Also, lucky for me, everyone was having lots of fun, which made me and my camera very happy 
Steven led the day with the craziest poses… somethin' about those cowboy boots had him in rare form :)
 A sweet moment with Alesia, Emily, and Eric… love her blue eyes!
 This is one of my favorites of Connie and Steve ~ I got one of the kiss too, but love this look in between
 It's kind of funny ~ I had them do this pose several times throughout the shoot ~ and each time, they all assumed the exact same position and order… Great smiles!
Little sweet pea and her daddy
 Love this one of Steven and Mary Elizabeth 
 And Alesia and Eric with their beautiful blues
 Sweet look
 I'm a sucker for gorgeous little kid faces
 By this time, things were starting to get really silly… Steven had a term for this (I don't recall), but all I can think is "jazz hands" ~ Regardless, it makes for a fun picture
 Playing peek-a-boo
  Love love this one of Connie and Steve
 They all three kind of resemble each other, right?!
To finish off the day, Mary steals the show! 
Fun, fun pictures… love the silliness and all the smiles. Thanks for letting me practice on you!


  1. What a beautiful family! And, another Mary Elizabeth? I think your relatives are the lucky ones - having such a talented photographer around to capture such fun memories :)


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