The Austin Family

Pictures with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Larry and their sweet family at 4 o'clock sharp on Sunday ~
 The rain fell upon Rudder Lane at 4 o'clock sharp on Sunday!
We were somewhat limited on where we could shoot… trying to keep the ladies (and the camera) out of the rain ~
 But I think we did okay!
 We did find a 20 minute break in the rain to capture some uncovered shots
Luckily, we had lots of kisses and smiles to keep my lens happy :)
 Here are a few of the shots in color… 
We really did have lovely color ~ sometimes it's just hard to pass up those black and white portraits
And a final shot of the whole family… It turned out to be a lovely afternoon despite mother nature's silly tricks!


  1. These pictures really capture the sweetness of your Aunt Linda. I will always remember how nice she was to me and my family during the new member class at church years ago. And, that was even before we knew that we had a common connection in you :) She is a sweetie, with a lovely family!


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