Trick or Treat!

 What a fun Halloween we've had! I have to believe there are only a few precious years that we have with our kids when they are old enough to "get it" yet not too old to be beyond the pure fascination of these holidays. I'm doing my best to soak in this time with our little pumpkins...
Here are a few of my favorite trick or treaters this year…
Super heros in full force with Superman and Captain America!
 They both have taken their super hero status quite seriously… paying great honor and respect to those who have filled the roles before them.
And then we have daddy… who also shows great honor and respect to the role he plays…
None other than Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Vacation
I'm not sure it is possible I could love this man any more than I do when I see him in this picture :)
Charlie and Sam found it rather entertaining…
Coolest daddy ever!
Here is my nephew Logan rockin it out as some creepy, scary guy!
Sam and his buddy, Jack Pearson as a ninja!
Eric as Thomas the Tank Engine
Charlie… totally flirting with Cinderella (princess Rachel)
She's buyin' it!
Sam and another friend, Jack Forrester - as Batman!
All the kids in the hood…
One of my personal faves, Hayes going as Baby Carlos from The Hangover (are you kidding me?! Love!  :)
And boring ole me escorting my whacky other half! Someone's gotta keep this family together :)
Happy Halloween!


  1. I was needing a little happy diversion today, and I must say, seeing Richie's costume was just what I needed :) Thanks for always being able to put a smile on my face!


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