The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we went to Deep Wells Farm to check out their pumpkin patch and corn maze ~ We were actually there for a birthday party for Sam and Charlie's friend, Eric ~ but used it as an opportunity to enjoy some of our favorite fall activities
They had a great slide that the boys thoroughly enjoyed

Sam and his friend, Bella, were attached at the hip most of the afternoon
Here is Charlie (after indulging in some cheesy Bugles) watching the others go down the slide
Eric and his super, cool, awesome Scooby Doo cake
And Eric's sister, Rachel, enjoying the cake ~ I love capturing close up shots of kids eating intently

Some of the party animals playing a game of "Farmer Jack says…" (or maybe it was Farmer Dave…. or Farmer Joe… I really don't remember)
I never feel compelled to wipe food off his face. He just owns it and wears it with style. It's truly a gift.
Happy Fall to you all! I hope you love, love, love this time of year as much as I do!


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