It's Official!

After plenty of agonizing on my part as to whether or not we should sell Agrestic Designs' frames in a retail store, we have finally taken the plunge. Tomorrow we will take our first batch of wholesale frames to Altar'd State's Distribution Center and they will be shipped off to 3 of their 9 stores; Knoxville, TN; Huntsville, AL; and Rogers, AR.
This venture takes us to a whole new level in business planning. Every color/size of our frames now has an official style number. We have formal invoices. We had our own little packaging plant set up in our garage on Friday - full of bubble wrap, peanuts, packaging paper, packaging tape, packaging slips, how-to labels describing how to change out the picture, etc. 
More detail than I ever cared to think about.
Altar'd State ordered two new color combos for the Breckenridge frame, representing the collegiate colors of two of their stores.
University of Tennessee, of course.
And University of Arkansas… 
Though I personally wouldn't select them for my home decor, I was happy with how they turned out. Hopefully someone will love them!
Keep your fingers crossed on our new little adventure!


  1. Wow - a huge step for the Agrestics! Your frames are so amazing, I'm sure your new venture will be a huge success. Fingers crossed for lots of frames to sell, but also for you to get some down time every once in awhile :)

  2. Congratulations on your new business exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear how it all goes :) Lots of successful wishes headed your way, along with a big HUG from the midwest!!! xoxoxo

  3. Way to go, Agrestics! I love all of these frames! That must have been a lot of work!! Best of luck in your new business venture :)


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