Football Saturday!

This past Saturday, we had an impromptu football game going in on our front yard! Team 1 (comprised primarily of the boys in orange) was Richie, Sam, our new neighbor - Mark, and Charlie… (well, sometimes Charlie)
And over on Team 2 we had Mark and Christy (Little Mark's parents - our new neighbors) and Charlie (he was a bit of a transient player…)
 A little strategizing going on...
Charlie Hatcher, starting out on Team 2 with the kick off!
We've got the center, Daddy Hatcher - and ready for the snap is quarterback, Saaaaaaaam Hatcher! 
 "Set Hut Hut!"
He's got it!

And he's going for it! Nobody can catch up with this kid!
Time for a kick off

Check out that form! 
Mark's got the ball… but there's no way he's making it through this defense!
 They're tearin' him up!  
They're bringing in the big guns for this play… Luke Owen, age 3 (he's the other transient player… something about those 3 year olds!) 
And he scores!
New strategy this quarter - Charlie Hatcher playing quarterback!

Thirty Seven pounds of pure intimidation… that look… that afro… they ain't got nothin' on this kid!
 Here he goes! Sneaking around the left side...
 And he SCORES!
 And here again, we have the winners! It was a spectacular day for football here in East Tennessee!


  1. I can't believe how big Sam looks (how old is he 5-6 going on 10?)! Especially the pictures of Sam waiting for the snap and then going for it! Fall time can be so much fun! Love it!

  2. I think I see two quarterbacks in your future - the Hatcher brothers will be the next Manning brothers :) I've always felt bad for Mama Manning when their teams are playing each other . . .


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