Something unbelievable happened to me this morning… I just don't understand it… Can anyone help explain it to me?

How is it that I put this little guy to bed last night…

And running into my room this morning was this big boy yelling "Hey Guys… I'm FIVE years old today!"
Maybe it was all just a weird dream. I know MY baby isn't five years old! He was just born a couple months ago...I think I'll go back to sleep now. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Sam! Please tell your lovely mother that tonight she will tuck her 5 year old into bed, and tomorrow she will wake up to him telling her that it's move-in day at college :/ Precious boys know just how to melt their mama's hearts!

  2. ... and how is it that you haven't aged a day since the first picture??? Answer me THAT Mary Hatcher! ;D Hope Sam had an awesome 5th! I want to see pics from the treehouse!

  3. Sarah - maybe it's just that I look extra tired and OLD in that picture. I gave birth to Charlie the very next day! And treehouse pics coming soon!

    Penny - I need to survive first day of kindergarten first... My heart can't handle the thought of meatloaf beyond that!

  4. Now I'm cracking up! Meatloaf... Darn auto correct! That would be milestones :)


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